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    FAQCommonly Asked Sarasota County Fence Questions

    • Due to the constant fluctuation in pricing we are unable to give prices per foot on fencing material in Sarasota County.

    • We are solely a supply company - we do not install fences in Sarasota County.

    • Yes we sell to the Sarasota County public as well as both Sarasota County fence and general contractors.

    • No we dont have physical instructions on how to install fencing but we do have experienced personnel who can provide some if not most insight on how to install.

    • Depending on whether or not the material is a stock item lead times may vary from 1-2 days or 6-8 weeks

    • We are not an installation company so we do not offer the service of going out to measure. But we can recommend trusted companies who do.

    • We ask to provide either a survey or handrawn layout with measurements per side as well as height, color, and style of material.

    • Most materials we sell do have a limited lifetime warranty.

    Sarasota CountyFence Style Options

    Buy Aluminum Fence In Sarasota County, FL

    We have a wide selection of mechanically assembled aluminum fence sections and welded aluminum fence sections. We fabricate everything from scratch in our shop, utilizing the highest grade of aluminum extrusions and components. All of our mechanically assembled aluminum panels are built with stainless steel screws so they never rust or decay under stress from natural elements. Custom gates can be welded to fit any size, style, and height, including single walk gates, double drive gates, and even custom welded estate gates.

    We source our aluminum fence products from American made suppliers so that you are only getting the absolute best product. Many styles available including closed picket aluminum fencing, open picket aluminum fencing, and aluminum fencing with added middle rails.

    Aluminum Fencing Installed In Sarasota County, FL

    Buy Metal Fence In Sarasota County, FL

    Metal fences, otherwise known as aluminum sheeting fence, is a total privacy metal board fencing system. This is a great alternative to standard vinyl privacy fencing, as it's far more cost-efficient, and is made of aluminum panels with steel rails, making it more durable.

    All of our metal fencing products are sourced from suppliers that are based in America. We guarantee contractor grade rails and metal boards, so you can rest assured that you're getting the best metal fencing available in Sarasota County, FL.

    Metal Fence Installed In Estero

    Buy Vinyl Fence In Sarasota County, FL

    Vinyl fencing components are extruded from a synthetic material called polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. Our vinyl fences are extruded by an American based company called Veka, widely regarded as the highest quality vinyl fencing manufacturer in the world. We take pride in selling an extremely high-quality product that is not readily available on the Southwest coast of Florida, especially to homeowners.

    The materials that we use to make our vinyl fence panels are highly customizable. Because of this, vinyl fences have the largest selection of style options available when comparing them to other common fencing products. We carry a full line of vinyl fence styles below, including vinyl privacy fences, vinyl picket fences, vinyl semi-privacy fences, vinyl shadowbox fences, and vinyl ranch-rail fences.

    Vinyl Fence Installed In Fort Myers

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    Fencing Panels, Gates, & Accessories in Sarasota County

    Factory direct savings on Sarasota County fences, gates, fence accessories, and more.

    Fence companies in Southwest Florida are pretty hit or miss, sometimes they are great and have tons of experience, other times, they are unreliable and untrustworthy. But that's not who we are. At Western Fence Supply, we take fence seriously. It has been our lifes work to bring quality fences to local homeowners here in Southwest Florida, and especially, in Sarasota County. We want to earn your business, and we go out of our way, and always go the extra mile to do so. Buying a fence in Sarasota County can sometimes be tricky, especially if you have never purchased a fence, or installed one before. Our goal is to make the fence buying process easy and streamlined, so that your next fence project in Sarasota County goes as smoothly as possible, regardless of how much experience you have.

    As a full service Sarasota County fence company and fence supply shop, our specialty, is pretty obviously, selling fences. However, we don't just sell normal fencing materials, we sell every type of fence imaginable, and can even create some that have never been thought up before. Whether you need a vinyl privacy fence in Sarasota County, an aluminum pool fence in Sarasota County, or a black chainlink fence in Sarasota County, we've got you totally covered. And, not only do we sell fences in Sarasota County, but we also sell every type of single fence gate, double fence gate, rolling gate, or practically any other type of gate that you can think of. Take a look at the links below to see what styles of fence we sell in Sarasota County, FL - then contact us for a completely FREE fencing quote.

    Need fence installation in Sarasota County?

    We don't install, but here are some options for your next Sarasota County fence installation project.

    As Sarasota County's largest fence company, we have many fence contractors that purchase thier materials from us. Since we know all the best fence installation companies in Sarasota County, we can refer you to them, so you don't have to do the legwork of searching through pages and pages of fence company search results in Sarasota County. The fencing contractors that purchase meterial from us will then contact you to set up estimates, taking a good deal of the pressure off of you. All you have to do is decide which Sarasota County fence installer fits your project best, then they will purchase our high-grade fencing materials to complete your project.

    Having installed numerous fences ourselves in a past business, we know how to tell the good Sarasota County fence companies from the bad ones. Something that isn't always apparent just from a simple Google search. Fencing installation projects are expensive, and they sometimes take a while to complete, so because of this, you want to make sure that you choose that absolute best Sarasota County fence company for your project, otherwise you could run the risk of being stuck with a hard to work with company, or worse, have your fence installed incorrectly or with the wrong materials.

    Install your own fence project on your Sarasota County property

    Do-it-yourself fencing material for Sarasota County residential fence installations.

    Since fencing installations in Sarasota County are expensive, you can save roughly 50% by installing your fence by yourself, without the help of a fence contractor. I know what you're thinking, but it really isn't that difficult. If you can you read a tape measure, use basic tools, and don't mind putting in a hard days work digging fence post holes, then you should have absolutely no problem doing it yourself.

    If you choose to install your own fence in Sarasota County, then we will walk you through the process step by step, ensuring that you are completely educated on the entire project before you even start. Having worked in the fencing installation business for many years, we fully understand everything about fencing installations, and therefore, you'll have a perfect teacher that won't lead you astray. Contact our customer service to learn more about installing your own fence in Sarasota County.

    We're a family run Sarasota County fence company

    Everyone in our family is a fencing expert, and we truly care about what we do.

    Juan and Brae Morales have over a decade of experience running a fencing installation company, prior to owning Western Fence Supply of Sarasota County. When they sold their fence contracting business, they decided to us their extensive knowledge of the fence industry to invest in a Sarasota County fencing supply shop that provides homeowners, fence contractors, builders, and everyone else who needs a high quality fence in Sarasota County.

    Because we're a family owned company, we care about the quality of our work and how the people in the community are effected by our service. Our promise to our customers in Sarasota County is that we will be 100% transparent in everything we do. No hidden fees, no unreasonable requirements, just the best fencing that you can buy in Sarasota County, at the best prices, and with the best service.

    Sarasota County, FL Fence Material delivery service

    We deliver your fence right to your door, at a low price.

    At Western Fence Supply, we understand how important convenience is. Installing your fence is a big project, you shouldn't have to worry about the logistics of transporting your fence material from our shop to your Southwest Florida property. Because of this, we've gone the extra mile to buy trucks and hire drivers that are perfect for fence delivery.

    No matter how big or small your order is, we can deliver it right to your job site. Our employees will offload everything from our trucks and place the material right where you need it. And best of all, our delivery service comes at an incredibly reasonable price - unlike the big box stores like Home Depot or Lowe's. Contact our customer service representatives today to discuss your next fence delivery.

    Looking for a Fence Supply Company Near or in Sarasota?

    Those in need of a new fence in Sarasota County may turn to Western Fence Supply, a Southwest Florida business that provides an extensive inventory of high-quality fencing at rock-bottom pricing.

    We have the lowest prices in the business on aluminum, chain link, metal, and vinyl fences, and they’re all in stock and available to be sent right now.

    Homeowners in Florida and businesses in the building, remodeling, and general contracting sectors have relied on our wholesale fence manufacturer for years since we’ve always provided the highest quality goods possible.

    Wholesale Fence Supplies, Fence Materials, Gates, Hardware, and Accessories

    When it comes to fences, our manufacturing and distribution firm only carries the most durable options available. Additionally, our stockroom provides all the materials necessary to repair a damaged fence.

    Our already inexpensive prices are made much more affordable with our special offers. Are you in need of a shop that can supply all of your fence, gate, post, and rail needs? We can have a number of fence add-ons delivered to your house quickly and in a broad range of styles.

    Hinges, latches, drop rods, u channels, aluminum stiffeners, post caps, picket caps, screws, wall mounts, floor mounts, ties, tension bands, rail ends, tension wires, tension bars, post loop caps, and hawks are all examples of fencing hardware and accessories offered from Western Fence Supply.

    Aluminum Fence Supply in Sarasota County

    Residential aluminum fencing is an option for homeowners in need of a fence. Did you know installing an aluminum fence is a breeze because the panels come pre-fabricated? And rake bottoms may be easily included in any of these basic designs.

    Fences made of aluminum are versatile and may be installed almost anywhere, including private properties, commercial buildings, and industrial sites. Commercial aluminum fences are built to last, therefore they have rails of 1-1/4″ x 1-1/4″ and a picket size of 3/4″ x 3″.

    For all dog owners in the area, we manufacture puppy picket metal fences. Our pet animals are protected by the 18-inch of closely spaced pickets with this type of fence.

    Chain Link Fence Supply in Sarasota County

    If you need a fence made of chain link and are looking for a local manufacturer, the best option will be one that offers competitive pricing without compromising on quality.

    Chain link fences in galvanized steel or vinyl coatings in standard colors like black and green are in stock and ready to ship from our warehouse. Chain link gates are available in either a cantilever, rolling, or sliding configuration.

    Wire, rail, posts, bands, caps, and screws, along with everything else you’ll need to build a secure chain link fence, are all available individually from our distribution firm. Pick your preferred fence height from common ones (four feet, five feet, and six feet) and get started today.

    Metal Fence Supply in Sarasota County

    A full-privacy metal fence might be just what you need. When you buy a Dura Fence from us, you can be assured that it will last for years to come.

    Our fencing company offers this style of fence in woodgrain, dark bronze, and white, and we also have all of the necessary hardware and accessories.

    Many residents of Sarasota County have probably wondered, “where can I find a fence manufacturer near me?” Western Fence Supply has the greatest prices and selection of high-quality fence in your region.

    In as little as three or four days, we can have a gate made to match your specifications and go with your new high-quality metal fence.

    Vinyl Fence Supply in Sarasota County

    For our fences, we exclusively utilize high-quality polyvinyl chloride. With this low-upkeep fence, your family may feel safe while also boosting your home’s aesthetic value.

    Vinyl fence panels come in a variety of styles, including those that provide more or less privacy, as well as picket fences and even ranch rails.

    At Western Fence Supply, we sell the biggest variety of vinyl fences to Sarasota County, including semi-private vinyl fences, ranch rail vinyl fences, private vinyl fence panels, and picket vinyl fence panels, and we do it at the most competitive prices around.

    Protect Your Investment with Hurricane Zone Fencing

    When you shop with us, you get fence products that have withstood the high winds seen in Florida several times. When compared to those sold by large shops (like Home Depot or Lowes), our gates and fences are far more wind-resistant.

    At Western Fence Supply, you’ll find everything you need to construct a secure boundary between your home and the rest of the neighborhood in Sarasota County.

    Finally, a Sarasota County Fence Company That You Can Trust

    You can rely on Western Fence Supply for all your fencing needs, as we have everything from contemporary fence panels to gate hardware. Don’t settle for second best when you can get high-quality fences from us at low pricing. Aiming to get started? Get ready for a successful fence installation soon in Sarasota County!

    Free Fence Material Estimates For Sarasota County Fence Installation Projects

    Please call us at (239) 689-5496 or fill out the form on this page to receive a no-obligation price estimate. Get fences at wholesale prices with the aid of our friendly customer service professionals.