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    FAQCommonly Asked South Florida Fence Questions

    • Due to the constant fluctuation in pricing we are unable to give prices per foot on fencing material in South Florida.

    • We are solely a supply company - we do not install fences in South Florida.

    • Yes we sell to the South Florida public as well as both South Florida fence and general contractors.

    • No we dont have physical instructions on how to install fencing but we do have experienced personnel who can provide some if not most insight on how to install.

    • Depending on whether or not the material is a stock item lead times may vary from 1-2 days or 6-8 weeks

    • We are not an installation company so we do not offer the service of going out to measure. But we can recommend trusted companies who do.

    • We ask to provide either a survey or handrawn layout with measurements per side as well as height, color, and style of material.

    • Most materials we sell do have a limited lifetime warranty.

    South FloridaFence Style Options

    Buy Aluminum Fence In South Florida

    We have a wide selection of mechanically assembled aluminum fence sections and welded aluminum fence sections. We fabricate everything from scratch in our shop, utilizing the highest grade of aluminum extrusions and components. All of our mechanically assembled aluminum panels are built with stainless steel screws so they never rust or decay under stress from natural elements. Custom gates can be welded to fit any size, style, and height, including single walk gates, double drive gates, and even custom welded estate gates.

    We source our aluminum fence products from American made suppliers so that you are only getting the absolute best product. Many styles available including closed picket aluminum fencing, open picket aluminum fencing, and aluminum fencing with added middle rails.

    Aluminum Fencing Installed In South Florida

    Buy Metal Fence In South Florida

    Metal fences, otherwise known as aluminum sheeting fence, is a total privacy metal board fencing system. This is a great alternative to standard vinyl privacy fencing, as it's far more cost-efficient, and is made of aluminum panels with steel rails, making it more durable.

    All of our metal fencing products are sourced from suppliers that are based in America. We guarantee contractor grade rails and metal boards, so you can rest assured that you're getting the best metal fencing available in South Florida.

    Metal Fence Installed In Estero

    Buy Vinyl Fence In South Florida

    Vinyl fencing components are extruded from a synthetic material called polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. Our vinyl fences are extruded by an American based company called Veka, widely regarded as the highest quality vinyl fencing manufacturer in the world. We take pride in selling an extremely high-quality product that is not readily available on the Southwest coast of Florida, especially to homeowners.

    The materials that we use to make our vinyl fence panels are highly customizable. Because of this, vinyl fences have the largest selection of style options available when comparing them to other common fencing products. We carry a full line of vinyl fence styles below, including vinyl privacy fences, vinyl picket fences, vinyl semi-privacy fences, vinyl shadowbox fences, and vinyl ranch-rail fences.

    Vinyl Fence Installed In Fort Myers

    Looking for a Fence Supply Company Near or in South Florida?

    Southwest Florida is home to Western Fence Supply, a leading fence manufacturer and distributor that serves the whole state with fence posts, fence panels, gates, and hardware. You may either arrange for home delivery of our high-quality items or visit our shop to pick them up in person.

    If you’re in the South Florida region and in need of a fence, Western Fence Supply is your go-to source for wholesale prices. In addition to offering a wide selection of fence designs at affordable costs, we also provide unbeatable turnaround times. Purchase premium quality metal, aluminum, chain-link, and vinyl fences today.

    Wholesale Fence Supplies, Fence Materials, Gates, Hardware, and Accessories

    The rock-bottom prices offered by Western Fence Supply will help you save big amounts of money and give you access to high-quality fencing materials all at once. Gates and fences of custom sizes are now within reach for the South Florida region.

    The fencing accessories we distribute include but are not limited to posts, rail ends, hinges, latches, drop rods, u channels, aluminum stiffeners, post caps, picket caps, screws, wall mounts, floor mounts, ties, tension bands, rail ends, tension wires, tension bars, post loop caps, and hawks.

    Aluminum Fence Supply in South Florida

    Aluminum fencing products are available in both two and three-rail settings. White and black commercial, residential, and industrial fences are among the many fence styles we manufacture and distribute to the general public (rake bottom style can be included in aluminum fences of all designs).

    • Residential aluminum fences are an ideal option for securing your property, pool or bordering waterway. This fence style can satisfy South Florida fence pool code.
    • Commercial aluminum fences are made of thicker material to endure high traffic areas. All of our aluminum fence products have a powder coated finish so they never fade nor chip.
    • Aluminum fences for industrial settings are manufactured and assembled with the thickest material in mind. These still provide high visibility, low maintenance and superior wind penetration, just like the previously mentioned styles.
    • Furthermore, a puppy picket aluminum fence (about 18 inches in height with tightly spaced pickets) is a great choice for properties that are home to pets.

    Chain Link Fence Supply in South Florida

    Clients in South Florida are given exclusive access on our premium chain link fence fabric, posts, gates, and other chain link fencing goods. These have no comparison with the subpar chain link fences available at big-box stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s. The high-end fencing choices we provide are made to last.

    We have expanded our inventory to include not just our standard black vinyl-coated chain link, but now green vinyl-coated chain link and stainless-steel chain-link fence panels, giving you a wider range of alternatives to match your individual needs.

    Top-notch chain link gates from us come in a variety of forms:

    • Cantilever gates for chain-Link Fences
    • Rolling chain-link fence gates
    • Sliding chain-link fence gates

    Metal Fence Supply in South Florida

    Western Fence Supply is the go-to company in South Florida for fencing contractors, builders, home remodelers, general contractors, and the general public due to our reasonable prices on premium-quality metal fences.

    Metal board fencing systems, like our other fence alternatives, come in complete panels or as individual components, making them ideal for DIY installations where privacy is a priority.

    Our dark bronze, white, and woodgrain metal fences are all of contractor grade and manufactured to last.

    Vinyl Fence Supply in South Florida

    Vinyl fences come in a wide variety of colors and designs, including white, tan, and grey, and require little upkeep while being easy to clean. Customers who want their fence to seamlessly fit in with the style of their homes will appreciate the versatility of the PVC fence panels we provide.

    Among our key vinyl offerings are:

    • Privacy PVC fence panels for the utmost discretion
    • Shadowbox vinyl fence panels
    • Ranch rail fence panels
    • picket fence panels
    • and the category of “semi-privacy fence panels,” which is used to describe fencing that provides some degree of seclusion while still allowing airflow.

    Our top-tier and reinforced vinyl fence options provide superior PVC fencing and are adaptable in a range of widths (between 2 and 8 feet) and heights (from 6 to 8 feet).

    Protect Your Investment with Hurricane Zone Fencing

    It’s common knowledge that Florida’s closeness to the Atlantic and Caribbean seas puts the state in a hurricane hotspot. Having a fence around your South Florida property that is built to withstand hurricane force winds is a great method to safeguard your home and belongings from the destructive forces of Mother Nature.

    Our fences are built to last, so you don’t have to worry about them deteriorating in Florida’s humid environment. Smart investing today can provide substantial financial rewards tomorrow. It’s smart to take preventative measures to avoid costly damages to your investment in the future.

    Finally, a South Florida Fence Company That You Can Trust

    We stand by the quality of the fence we sell and will never abandon our customers. You may rely on Western Fence Supplies to assist you with acquiring a fence promptly since this is a must.

    All of your fencing needs may be met at Western Fence Supply, where you’ll enjoy substantial cost savings without sacrificing quality. If you do this, you can be certain that you are using the highest quality materials and you may even have an easier time putting up your fence.

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