How to shop for wholesale fence supplies in Southwest Florida

Southwest Florida is home to hundreds of thousands of residents, many of whom live in houses that need to be fenced in for various reasons, whether privacy due to close proximity to neighbors, security from crime, or pool safety, fencing is an important aspect of homeownership.

If you don’t have much experience with fencing, it can be difficult to effectively plan your new fence project; thankfully Western Fence Supply is experienced enough to address any issues or questions you may have on the fencing installation process.

Read through a few common questions and feel free to contact us if you have any additional inquiries.

How do you choose fence material to buy from a fence wholesale in Southwest Florida?

Choosing a fencing style is one of the first steps in any fencing project, and it can be difficult to make a final decision for something that is a high-ticket item that will be on your property for decades.

It’s important to consider the following when deciding on your fencing material:

  • Homeowners association requirements and limitations
  • Your county, city, or local municipality building codes for fencing
  • Fences for pools in Southwest Florida must adhere to special guidelines
  • Your proximity to neighbors
  • Is your property commercial or residential, does it closely border on a commercial property?
  • Do you need additional security on your property?

Wholesale Vinyl fence in Southwest Florida

PVC or vinyl fence fencing is a clean and maintenance-free option that is a little more expensive to start but lasts a lifetime with virtually no continued upkeep.

There are many style variations to choose from, including privacy, picket, semi-privacy, ranch rail, and more – all styles featured custom welded matching gates.

Vinyl privacy fences are the most popular choice for the majority of homeowners in Southwest Florida.

Wholesale Aluminum fence in Southwest Florida

These rail and picket fences are a great option for pool enclosures, front yards, backyards that border on waterways, and properties that do not border neighbors where privacy is not needed.

All aluminum fences have close to 75% opacity, making them a good option if you want to see beyond the borders of your property.

Wholesale Chain link fence in Southwest Florida

The most common and cheapest fencing material is the chainlink fence that features a diamond pattern “fabric” attached to posts by stretching the fabric across them and then securing the fabric to the posts and to the top rails.

Due to their construction, chainlink fences are not a good option for homeowners intending to install their own fences, because you need specialized tools to stretch the fabric across the fencing lines.

Chain link fences are an appropriate choice for low-budget projects or for commercial properties.

Wholesale Metal fence in Southwest Florida

Privacy fences are by far the most commonly installed residential fences, and until recently, vinyl fences and wood fences were the only options.

Now, there are metal fences constructed of aluminum pickets and are constructed similarly to wood fence panels.

Metal privacy fences are a fantastic alternative to vinyl privacy fencing panels.

What is the most cost-effective fencing material?

There are two ways of considering the cost of a fence project:

  • What is the price upfront
  • What is the price over time

A wooden fence or chain link fence will certainly be cheaper than a vinyl fence, but over the course of 10 years, you may end up having to replace most or all of the cheaper fence material, causing the lifetime cost to actually be far higher than the upfront cost, read more about how to choose the cheapest type of fence in Southwest Florida.

How to save money on your fence & what is the cheapest fence to buy

You can save a great deal of money on fencing in Southwest Florida by buying your fence material wholesale and then installing it yourself. Hiring a fencing contractor will typically double the cost of your fencing project.

Ultimately vinyl fencing or aluminum fencing is the cheapest fence material to buy because it can be installed by homeowners and lasts a lifetime with no additional upkeep costs.

How to estimate a fence project

Here is a short guide on how to estimate your fencing materials:

  • Gather your property survey
  • Locate the area in which you are planning to install your fence
  • Check with your local building department for restrictions
  • Divide your perimeter by the distance from post to post that your chosen fencing style features
  • List out how many panels and how many posts you’ll need
  • List out the number of gates, hinges, and latches
  • List out all fasteners, post caps, and other required accessories

Contact us for help in estimating your materials, we can do this for you as a part of your purchase.

Should you install your fence yourself, or hire a fencing installation company?

There are pros and cons to installing your own fence, although there are some situations where fencing contractors are the better choice.

If you choose aluminum, PVC, or metal fence, you can benefit greatly from installing them yourself, if the fencing style is a little more complicated, like chain link fence, you’re better off hiring a professional.

You can save thousands of dollars installing your own fence – but it takes time to do so and will require you to educate yourself on the fencing material you choose and to have a certain amount of efficiency with tools and common construction concepts – like proper measurement.

Why choose a Southwest Florida fence supply vs. Home Depot or Lowes for fence supplies

A good analogy for this would be buying your dinner from a fast food restaurant as opposed to ordering from a fine dining establishment.

Many people are more comfortable purchasing construction materials from a large hardware store, but ultimately, the quality of the fence panel you’ll end up buying will be far worse in quality and far more expensive in price.

Here at Western Fence Supply, we’re able to sell you a specialized high-end fencing product at contractor-level wholesale pricing – something you simply won’t get at Home Depot or Lowes.

We are a family-owned company that will guide you through all steps of the process, including doing your material takeoffs for you.

Contact us today to learn more and get started with a FREE fence project estimate.